The New CD

"Jersey Blue"

Bernard Purdie, Gene McCormick, Jack Hoban

New original music - R&B to Jazz to Rock to Country.
(And don't forget the Purdie Shuffle!)

Produced by Bernard Purdie


Song List:

01 Energy
02 Hang For The Summer
03 Cajun Moon
04 Tennessee Walker
05 Old Calafi
06 Cool Cass
07 Through All These Years
08 I Am Not An Island
09 Nature Rise
10 Hang For The Summer (Reprise)



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Bernard Purdie: Drums

Gene McCormick: Vocals, Keyboards, Sax

Jack Hoban: Guitars, Vocals

With: Buddy Savino: Bass Guitar; Chris Emenizer: Saxophone; Dave Mann: Saxophone; Pancho Morales: Congas; Clarence Brown, Ed Stanojev, Maretha Stewart, Yolanda McCullen; Helda Harris: Background Vocals; George Naha: Guitar; Kenny Landrum: Keyboards; Arthur "Babe" Clarke: Baritone Sax; Steve Nichols: Keyboards; Wayne Gronberg: Bass Guitar; Mario Cicerello: Keyboards; Rob Sozanski: Percussion; Norman Perkins: Bass.

The story:
Gene McCormick and Jack Hoban were local Jersey Shore musicians from the same zip codes as Bon Jovi and Springsteen, except that they represented the jazz and R&B offering from that magical and musically fertile part of the country. Playing at the Jazz & Blues festival in Red Bank with their band "Jersey Blue," they were heard by Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, the world's most recorded drummer with credits that include Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Hall & Oates, Alan Jackson, B. B. King, etc. After the show Purdie told them "you have a new drummer," and off they went to Home Base studios in NYC, where Purdie had recorded the seminal "Abandoned Luncheonette," with Hall & Oates. Joined by some of the best studio musicians in NYC, they recorded "Jersey Blue." Jersey Blue is a diverse and magical set of songs, with some of the finest drumming of Purdie's long and illustrious career. Jersey Blue covers R&B to Jazz to Rock to Country. And, of course, the Purdie Shuffle!






















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